Innovative Marketing Services, LLC
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Services offered

                       Here are some of the services we offer:

Comprehensive Marketing plan
– Based on your marketing goals we will prepare a marketing plan that encompasses all the activities that will achieve these goals.


Sales calls to all levels of distribution – We pay periodic visits to existing and potential distributors of your products.  Also, we are prepared to call on their customers.  We prepare a plan for doing this, execute it and report our efforts and results.


Training seminars to all levels of distribution – We will organize and conduct training seminars for both direct and indirect distributors targeted at their specific needs in order to educate with the goal of selling more products.


In store merchandising – Our years of experience is available to assist in creating and implementing in store displays to maximize the sales of your products.


Reporting – We excel in establishing a reporting method that fits our clients’ desires and we deliver that reporting on the pre-established schedule, no if’s or but’s.


Event staffing (trade shows, race events, retail events, etc.) – We offer staffing to work events on behalf of our clients or in conjunction with their staff.


Package design – Years of experience and training in package design is available to maximize the sales of a given product both to the consumer and in the eyes of the distributors.


Graphics design – We offer graphic design services to assist our clients with catalogs, flyers, point-of-purchase and signage.


Warranty/Return administration – Through our field work we address warranty and stock return issues to minimize problems for our clients.  We educate our distributors in these processes.


Promotions – We are prepared to assist in creating and/or implementing special promotions designed to stimulate sales activity.


Targeted task management – If the needs of our client are limited only to specific tasks in a given territory, we are prepared to offer just those services.


New product launch – The launch of a new product requires additional effort and activities and we are prepared to provide those services both in consultation and implementation.


Company start up consultation – We have a proven record of assisting brand new companies enter the market and achieve high levels of sales success.


Market research/analysis – We can do the field work to find out the information our clients need to properly position their products in a competitive market.


Telephone response to service issues from all levels of distribution – In the day-to-day world most distributors have issues arise where they need quick time response to assist them in resolving these issues.  We are available and prepared to provide that to expedite the sales process.

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