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It's about listening........
About us

Our slogan at IMS is "It's about listening...."  We take that to heart because we feel the key to effective marketing is to first determine the needs and desires of the clients we represent.  We put that first.  IMS offers an abundant array of marketing services, but the first order of business is to determine which of those apply to a given client.  By listening we can maximize your sales growth.

With each client we review their marketing needs and desires.  Once we have established that information, we can identify the activities which best satisfy your criteria.

After those services are implemented we maintain a comprehensive reporting program with periodic reviews to gauge their effectiveness and make any adjustments that may be necessary.

IMS was founded out of the belief that in today’s challenging marketplace our client’s needs have changed from what has traditionally been offered by existing marketing firms in the automotive aftermarket.  The focus has drifted away from the specific needs of the manufacturer and we wonder if the fact that the marketing firm works FOR the manufacturer has become blurred.  We consider it a privilege to represent a particular client and we have a clear understanding of who the boss is.

Among the things we believe:

  • Each client deserves a comprehensive marketing plan prior to starting field work.
  • That plan consists of identifying current distribution, the work to be conducted with those distributors and a roadmap for adding additional distribution.
  • We will agree on a reporting process that identifies and assists in measuring the effectiveness of our efforts.
  • We strongly feel that once we establish a plan with specific activities and actions, we absolutely account for those items.  No commitments left incomplete.
  • We strongly believe in maintaining an environment where our clients are comfortable addressing any concerns or desires they may have regarding our marketing efforts.  We want to know how our clients think we are doing and how we can do better.

We hope you agree with our philosophy and we would love the opportunity to discuss how IMS can maximize the sales of your company's products and services.

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